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lavender teak soap bar

Oil-fighting, charcoal-infused face and body soap bar with calendula petal exfoliant and lavender, patchouli and frankincense essential oils.

Reveal your radiant skin with our charcoal-infused Lavender Teak Soap Bar, designed to help fight oiliness and deliver a spa-like experience. Our Lavender Teak bar features activated charcoal, a natural pore-cleansing ingredient that effectively draws out impurities and controls excess oils, reducing breakouts. The gently exfoliating calendula petals aid in soothing redness and inflammation, and the harmonious blend of lavender, patchouli, and frankincense essential oils detoxify and offer antibacterial properties, reducing redness, wrinkles, and signs of aging. Embrace the tranquil ambiance as this soap's peaceful fragrance fills your bathroom with woody and herbal scents, promoting calmness and relieving stress. Elevate your skincare routine with this indulgent and revitalizing soap bar.

How to Use

A soap dish is necessary to prevent your soap from becoming waterlogged. A good soap dish will lift the soap enough to provide airflow and allow excess moisture to drip away completely. Doing so will preserve your bar and allow it to last anywhere from 4-6 months.

Wet the bar to create a sudsy lather. Rub the soap with loofah, washcloth, or just your hands, then apply the suds to your face, body, or hair. Created with essential oils and free from artificial dyes, you can use this bar on your body and face for an all-over clean.


Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, water, sodium hydroxide, lavender essential oil, patchouli essential oil, frankincense essential oil, charcoal, calendula petals.

5 oz. (142 g)

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