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Meet the Founder

Hello, My name is Susana Kempen and for years I’ve been on a personal mission to live a healthier lifestyle. It began with food. I suffered from fatigue, headaches, sugar cravings and always thought it was normal. I gave in to my cravings and ate anything and everything I wanted without considering how it might be affecting not just my physical well being, but my emotional well being as well.

After doing my research, I discovered the food I consumed was having a bigger impact than I could have ever imagined. I listened to the signals my body was sending me and became a much more conscious eater. As much as giving up the deliciousness of my favorite vices pained me, I paid attention to the ingredients I was consuming and how I felt after. It made me wonder, if what I was eating affected me on such a large scale, what about other products I was using daily, like makeup, skincare and cleaning products? I thought about how little thought I was giving the ingredients I inhaled and used on my skin and body on a daily basis.

I decided that was going to change!

When I started this transition, my friends and family would ask me about it often. It’s hard for people to understand why because we’re so accustomed to not thinking about what we consume. We blindly trust what we see in advertisements and recommended to us from commercials and marketing tactics.
The largest organ of your body is your skin. Everything we come in contact with seeps through our skin and goes straight into our bloodstream. Days, months, and years of exposure to these harmful ingredients can impact your life.
Therefore, all the chemicals used to make the daily products we use are also. Do you understand even half of the ingredients on your soaps, shampoos, deodorants, body lotions and makeup? I definitely don’t, which also means I don’t understand the full effects these ingredients have on my body and health. I decided it was time for a change in my life. I needed to remove these harmful chemicals, parabens and so many others considered “safe” in the industry.
I found this shift to be a bit harder to incorporate than I could have imagined but the need grew once I had my daughter. I wanted to make sure I was only using the very best for my baby girl.
Once I became a mom, the thought of leaving my daughter to go to work as an interior designer everyday felt impossible. To be at home with my daughter while working for myself was the dream.
At that time, the idea of Daisy Organics was born out of necessity of information and trustworthy sources for transitioning into this non-toxic lifestyle and the desire of staying home with my daughter. Friends texted me all the time asking me about the products I was using. They frequently asked for information and tips on how to make these changes. So why not create a site where, after all the trials and errors, hits and misses, and hours of research, the brands that I loved and trusted could all be curated, here at Daisy Organics.
This is how this store, named after my late Grandmother, Margarita (Daisy in Spanish), whom I love and hold in my heart every single day, was created. This is a labor of love that I hope you all come to trust and cherish while on your quest for a cleaner lifestyle. I appreciate you being here. We will be adding more products and categories with time but I will only do this as I personally try each item and research their ingredients so please bear with me as I grow. It’s done slowly and with the utmost care to ensure amazing products and results. I hope you grow with us!